Brazil Biomass and Renewable Energy   BBRE  develops industrial projects with the vision to contribute to clean energy generation by reducing   emission   of greenhouse gases.  For over a decade, BBRE and its President Celso Oliveira have been deeply involved in the biomass, renewable energy,    environmental and clean technologies marketplace.   BBRE also provides consulting and project management services for pellet manufacturing operations.We have the experience and knowledge to assist clients with all aspects of wood pellet manufacturing. Energy Solutions based on biomass, bioenergy and  biofuels clean and renewable energy for large national and international companies, in order to mitigate the impact that their activities have on the environment by   reducing emission of greenhouse gases. 

Our Values. We conduct our business with openness, fairness and integrity. We strive for innovation, creativity, learning, excellence and environmental stewardship   in  all that we do. We help our customers succeed. We provide exceptional service to our customers, meeting their requirements and exceeding their expectations.
Our Vision. Brazil Biomass and Renewable Energy BBRE will be instrumental in expanding the utilization of renewable energy systems throughout the Brazil  and   will  be the customer's first choice in the communities we serve. Our vision is to optimize renewable energy and sustainable development for future generations.

Our Mission. Brazil Biomass and Renewable Energy  BBRE will make a difference each day by developing, owning and operating efficient energy systems that benefit our customers, employees, communities, owners and the environment.

Our main customers: Bertin Energy,  BioPellets Brazil, Gaia Energy, Cosan, New Forest Italy, Naturasul Energy, and GSW  Renewable Energy.


Brazil Biomass and Renewable Energy is the largest business consulting, business management and development of new industrial projects on biomass and bioenergy in Brazil. BBRE has been instrumental for the safe installation of an industrial plant in Brazil (biomass, woodpellets and briquette).

BBRE will guide you through the decision making process by helping you to understand the market  brazil   and  the  costs  associated  with  bioenergy and biomass or wood  pellet manufacturing.